Made for Riot API Challenge 2.0
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About the project

Download an Item Set file based on a build used in the chosen game.

  • An unusual build from the last game did work? - save it as an Item Set!
  • Someone played exceptionally well? - copy their build as an Item Set!
  • Favourite Pro trying new meta? - follow them with an Item Set!


  • Clone / fork repo
  • open project in Visual Studio 2015 or newer
  • download dependencies from nuget
  • provide your API_KEY (in web.config file)

Tech stack

  • ASP.NET MVC with Razor view engine
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • RestSharp

About us

Created by Ethylparaben & Vinidrea - a marriage of Summoners from EUNE.

Made for Riot API Challenge 2.0

note that project initially was called MasterMeta, later rebranded to The Archive of Vel'Koz, so some files / folders still can be ranamed old way