This repo goes along with a 3hr Gutenberg Development workshop for WordCamp Omaha 2018
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WordCamp Omaha 2018 Gutenberg Development Workshops

In this 3hr workshop we will go over some of the basics of working with Gutenberg Block Development


  • Local install of WordPress
  • Latest Gutenberg Plugin
  • Code editor with terminal
  • Node & NPM installed

Workshop Outline

  1. Themes vs. Plugins
  2. Setting up a block plugin
  3. registerBlockType() settings
  4. Static block
  5. RichText block
  6. Block with Inspector Controls


  1. Download repo
  2. Copy and paste "wcomaha-2018-starter" to /wp-content/plugins
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Open "wcomaha-2018-starter" in your code editor
  5. Run npm install
  6. Run npm run dev
  7. Follow along!