HGE 1.8.1 configured with CMake (DirectX8 and DirectX9 version in the same source tree), with shaders support. Experimental Unicode support (unfinished) is in the 'unicode' branch, use at your risk.
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This is README for HGE library source reconfigured with CMake
For original readme file refer to Original_README.txt

This package is configured with CMakeLists.txt for use with CMake. Once ran,
CMake generates project files for one of known IDE's for Windows (as well as
Linux/Unix/MacOSX but this version of HGE only builds on Windows).

1. Edit CMakeLists.txt in root folder, set "DIRECTX_SDK_DIR" to where you have
    "DirectX SDK Summer 2004" installed (for DirectX8 build) and some other DirectX SDK for
    DirectX9 build. If you don't have it yet - visit Microsoft website or search google
    for "DirectX SDK Summer 2004" (~230 MB download) or some fresh DirectX 9 SDK (~year 2010,
    size ~550 MB).

2. Run cmake_msvs10_x86.bat for Visual Studio 2010 32bit build (or other bat file,
    depending what's your IDE).

3. Project directory will be created in HGE181/.build-%YOUR_IDE_VERSION% (for example
    HGE181/.build-msvs10), open project file (solution file) inside with your IDE and
    press "BUILD" in your IDE.

4. Resulting library HGE.DLL and HGE.LIB will be placed in HGE181/bin directory, all
    intermediate libraries will be placed in HGE181/linklib. There is also HGE-STATIC
    library which doesn't require DLL to run, it can be found in HGE181/linklib.

5. All temporary build files will stay inside .build-*. To clean intermediate files one
    should delete HGE181/linklib, HGE181/bin and HGE181/.build-* 

1. If you are going to change any build options, please keep in mind, that this is CMake
    generated project, editing anything inside .build-* folder will possibly be overwritten
    next time, when you compile HGE project. If you need to add any compiler options, please
    edit main or each CMakeLists.txt in HGE181 and HGE181/src/* folders (depending how big
    your changes are).

2. if you link against HGE library, you only need to mention HGE.LIB in project settings,
    and have HGE.DLL in your program folder. HGEHELPERS is not needed (its linked internally).

3. if you link against HGE-STATIC flavour of library, you don't need HGE.DLL anymore, all
    functionality remains ok. You need to mention HGEHELPERS, ZLIB and HGELIBPNG in linker
    settings of your project for this to work.