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FelixTV (Full Project)
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FelixTV Logo
FelixTV is a Streaming Service that extracts data from and website.
Felix Diagram
All user data has been Deleted, so this is "Clean" version.
Movies + TV Shows Database Included

How It Works

Felix Relay Diagram - How It Works

The whole script is in Czech language except individual parts in Administration.


  • Paid account on
  • Own server (I used Ubuntu Server 18.04 64bit)
    • I used two servers for that (Web + Streamer), but one server can be also used (If server have good performance)


Please Read Full Installation Instructions


  • Playing Movies/TV Shows
  • Information about Actors/Directors
  • Movies by Genres/Actors/Directors/Year or Country
  • Adding new Movies/TV Shows really Fast via Scraping
  • Adding new Movies/TV Shows via TMDB ID
  • Facebook or Web Comments system
  • Movies/TV Shows in Multiple languages (Czech/English mostly) with Czech Subtitles
  • Movie Comments
  • Blog/Posting system
  • Backup system
  • Emailing (Newsletter)
  • Social Login (Facebook, Google)


  • 16 223 Movies
  • 1 230 TV Shows
  • 42 508 Actors
  • 40 927 Directors
  • 40 928 Writers
  • 138 Coutries
  • 41 022 Episodes of TV Shows

Fast Info

  • Framework: CodeIgniter
  • Supported DBs Drivers:
    • cubrid
    • ibase
    • mssql
    • mysql
    • mysqli
    • oci8
    • odbc
    • pdo
    • postgre
    • sqlite
    • sqlite3
    • sqlsrv
  • Supported PHP:
    • PHP 7.x
    • PHP 5.x

Fast Screenshots

Home screen Watch screen Administration screen

KODI Plugin

For this project exists also Plugin for KODI you can find it here


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.



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