Generate new valid atom entries every x minutes (for testing purposes)
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Infinite Atom Entries Generator


The application providing two feeds. First one generating Atom entries every
minute and the second one - every 5 minutes. 
The feeds can be used mostly for testing webhooks, pubsubhubbub etc.

The one minute feed is protected by a secret token in the end of the URL.
If your application is installed for example on URL , 
the two feeds will be:    (1min feed)                  (5min feed)


The application is currently deployed on Google AppEngine. You can use the
5 minutes feed for your tests - go to 
and subscribe for the topic. This will send 
to your subscribers a new Atom entry every 5 minutes.

There is also a FriendFeed group - , which is already
subscribed to the 5 minutes feed. You can use it to gen notifications via IM etc.

Implementation details

The feeds have atom:link[@rel="hub"] element and the 5 minutes feed is pinging the
hub on feed generation. By default the Google's reference implementation on URL is used. Your can change the hub with the
HUB_URL option in the file.

I tried to make the atom generator a good Internet cityzen by setting up the proper
HTTP headers ('Last-Modified', 'ETag' etc.). 'Etag' header contains the ID of the
last entry, cryptography signed, like suggested in

The current implementation does not use Google Datastore. Feeds are kept only in 
the memcached object caching system.

- Return only new entries for clients asking with 'If-None-Match' header (ETag)