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Live news app created in React, powered by the News API.
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Live news app, completed 9/20/2019. Powered by React and


Users can sort up-to-date news by category, or search news from the last month by making a query.

As my skills increase, I'd like to go back and expand it to include more sounds, feature smoother UI/UX, and possibly be available as an app.

Currently features the following functions:

  • Users can sort through current news by category.
  • Users can make a query to search through all news stories made in the last month
  • Each news story can be examined more closely via a modal that appears upon clicking.
  • Responsive design


React, Sass, SVG


Repository uploaded September 20, 2019.

Future Plans

Would like to add the following features:

  • Users can "favorite" individual stories
  • Favorited stories will appear in an expandable bar
  • Users can sort through news by country as well as category
  • Instead of searching by category, users can also view recent news published by curated batches of sources
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