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Javascript inheritance manager

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Inheritance mechanisms for making prototypal classes


via [npm]

npm install heritable


var Heritable = require('heritable.js'),
    Animal, Human,  // Constructors
    animal, human;  // instances

Animal = new Heritable('Animal');
animal = new Animal();
console.log('animal instanceof Animal: ' + (animal instanceof Animal));

Human = new Heritable('Human');
human = new Human();
console.log('human instanceof Animal: ' + (human instanceof Animal));
console.log('human instanceof Human: ' + (human instanceof Human));
console.log('animal instanceof Human: ' + (animal instanceof Human));

Some details

You can provide an initializer function and methods for a Heritable class:

animalInitializer = function (o) {
    o = o || {};
    this.type = o.type;

animalMethods = {
    getType: function () {
        return this.type;

Animal = new Heritable('Animal', null, animalInitializer, animalMethods);
animal = new Animal({type: 'gorilla'});
console.log('animal type:   ' + animal.getType());

To Do

1 do not init if already an object
2 add a method for adding methods to a Heritable class
3 perhaps: distinguish Heritable class methods from members
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