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License: MIT Build Docs Unit Test



created by Hang Zhang


  • Please visit the Docs for detail instructions of installation and usage.

  • Please visit the link to image classification models.

  • Please visit the link to semantic segmentation models.


ResNeSt: Split-Attention Networks [arXiv]
Hang Zhang, Chongruo Wu, Zhongyue Zhang, Yi Zhu, Zhi Zhang, Haibin Lin, Yue Sun, Tong He, Jonas Muller, R. Manmatha, Mu Li and Alex Smola

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journal={arXiv preprint},

Context Encoding for Semantic Segmentation [arXiv]
Hang Zhang, Kristin Dana, Jianping Shi, Zhongyue Zhang, Xiaogang Wang, Ambrish Tyagi, Amit Agrawal

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Deep TEN: Texture Encoding Network [arXiv]
Hang Zhang, Jia Xue, Kristin Dana

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title = {Deep TEN: Texture Encoding Network},
booktitle = {The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
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