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Project title : Movie Information Management System

Team member:

Short description:

In this system, our purpose is to deliver a movie database with user interface(website) where user can get various movie information from the database, system can recommend movies to the user according to the tag chosen by users. Also, users can search for movies by keyword. Users can purchase movie tickets in different theatres. Users can return the ticket before a movie is showed. The system will recommend the nearest theatre to the user, if there is not available seats in that theatre, the system will suggest the users to choose other near theatres with will show that movie.

We purpose to develop a movie database which can provide fundamental information about latest movies to users. It contains the following functions.

  1. Browsing all kinds of information on the front page including actors, directors, transactions, users and etc. It also can display the specific result of sorting, aggregation and etc.
  2. Searching by key words and displaying search result.
  3. The users can sign up and login to the system to purchase tickets.
  4. We will design different authority to different user accounts, for example, management account is used to handle the modification and the statistic work in the database. And customer account is used to purchase tickets, etc.
  5. We will use the methods of data mining to recommend movies to users by analyzing their preferences based on their purchasing history.

Database Schema

System Screenshot

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