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A demo showing two simple sudoku grid talking through dbus
Latest commit 89aa381 Apr 2, 2009 @zhangsen polish; will merge this repos into sudoku-demo
i polish this demo a little, so it can be used in the other tp-sudoku-demo. It
can still be used independently, in the same way as before (in README).

This demo will continue in tp-sudoku-demo. No work will go here.
	new file:


As of writing, two grids can connect to DBus. The initiator's changes on his own
grid are immediately sent to the receiver, through DBus. That is to say, the
initiator can change the receiver's grid.

To test this,

1. on one terminal, $ python

2. on another terminal, $ python

3. fill in the initiator's grid and see the receiver's is changed.
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