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My emacs configuration.
I like emacs. After 1 year's use and config, I would like share my configuration.
Can not put all things here. So to use it please make sure cedet, ecb, ruby, rails, rhtml, rinari, rspec, yaml and themes mode all installed.
Check for more information.
I will keep improving it.
Anything unclear please email me at
Have fun:)

my shortcut key:

C-c C-c C-s     tags-search
C-c C-c C-n		tags-loop-continue
C-c C-c C-c		inari-find-controller
C-c C-c C-m		rinari-find-model
C-c C-c C-v		rinari-find-view
C-c C-c C-r		rinari-find-rspec
C-c C-c C-f		rinari-find-file-in-project
C-c C-c C-h		hide-all-blocks
C-c C-c C-t		toggle-hiding-block
C-c C-c C-o		comment-region
C-c C-c C-u		uncomment-region
C-c C-c C-g		goto-line

<f5>			smart-compile
<f8>			ecb-toggle-ecb-windows
<f12>			kill-this-buffer
C-<f12>		kill-all-rinari-buffers