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#ifndef LL_
#define LL_
#include "util.h"
typedef struct Process_Node
char **args;
int argn;
pid_t pid;
int status;
//struct Process_Node* prev;
struct Process_Node *next;
} Process;
typedef struct bgpr
char *line;
int status;
int jobId;
int field;
pid_t pgid;
struct termios j_Tmodes;
Process *processList;
} Job;
typedef struct LinkedList
Job *job;
struct LinkedList *next;
struct LinkedList *prev;
} Node;
extern Node *head;
extern Node *tail;
extern int id;
extern int last_suspended; // keep track of the last suspended job
extern int last_backgrounded; // keep track of the last backgrounded job
int jobRemovePid(pid_t pid); // remove job by pid
int jobRemoveJobId(int job_id); // remove job by job id
int jobInsert(Job *toAdd); // add the job to the job list
void jobInit(); // initiate the job list.
Job *createJob(char *line, Process *process, int status, int field);
Job *getJobJobId(int job_id); // get the current job by job id
Job *getJobPid(pid_t pid); // get the current job by pid
Job *getJobCommandName(char *command); // get the current job by name
Job *getJLastSuspended(); // get the last suspended job
Job *getJLastBackgrounded(); // get the last backgrounded job
void printList(); // print the list
void freeArgs(char **args);
void freeProcess(Process *process);
void freeJob(Job *job); // free the job from memory
void freeJobList(); // free the job list
void jobSetPGid(Job *job, pid_t pgid); // set the process group id of the current job with a given pgid.
void jobChangeStatus(Job *job, int status); // change the status of the current job given a status code
void printJobStatus(Job *job); // print the current status of the job
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