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CloServe is a view first web framework in Clojure. It is inspired by the Lift web framework
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CloServe is a view first web framework in Clojure. It is inspired by the Lift web framework

Contrubution by:


Currently I have not setup a clojar download yet. You need to git clone this project to your local disk. Then run:

lein clean

lein cljsbuild once

lein install

This will add CloServe to your local maven repo.

In your project that use CloServe, you can add to project.clj file dependencies:

[closerve "0.3.0-SNAPSHOT"]

Example Code

Running Example

##Change from 0.2.0-SNAPSHOT to 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT change to use immutant

##Breaking change from 0.1.0 to 0.2.0 register-lift-snippet macro's lift-instr parameter used to be: {:name SnippetName, :params {...}} Now it is just the :params part, so for eg, in 0.1.0 code, to get a lift parameter, the call is:

(get-in lift-instr [:params "SomeParameter"])

Now it is:

(lift-instr "SomeParameter")

Current Status

This project is in very beta stage. Quite some debug message will be thrown to the console. The apis could change a lot in the future. Could have security issuses as well.

It is quite functional though, so I am using it to run my own website MKRRF IT.


In addition to a lot of fantastic Clojure libraries (jetty7-websockets-async, core.async, ring, hickory, jayq, clojurescript, crypto-random ..., a lot is learnt from torus-pong about cljs and ws.


Copyright © 2013 Jiawei Zhao, MKRRF IT Limited

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

The files that are marked as from third party (for eg, the js files under extern/) belongs to the corresponding third party and have their own corresponding license.

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