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✏️✏️front-end engineer resume

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English | 中文

Baidu search: web Front-end engineer resume


Many friends email me to learn how to make such a resume. In fact, you only need to fork the project and try to run the project!

Because the MVVM framework is numerous and constantly updated, the previous version (angular1.6) has been deprecated, and finally chose to implement an MVVM framework to serve this project.

Please click here if you have any questions or suggestions.Learn from each other and make progress together!

Welcome friends to join QQ group:Fe.d 小分队, is the FE beginner's learning exchange platform, there are many future bossesand and learning resources.

Please click star if you like, thank you! 💕💕


  1. install node.js/npm/yarn

  2. install git

  3. clone

git clone
  1. change directory
cd flqin
  1. install dependencies
npm i // or yarn
  1. serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
npm run dev //or yarn run dev
  1. build for production with minification
npm run build //or yarn run build
  1. build for production with analyze
npm run analyze //or yarn run analyze
  1. check code and fix
npm run lint // or yarn run lint
npm run fix // or yarn run fix

Technical support


A simple MVVM framework that currently implements data-binding and view-refresh functionality, is constantly optimizing and updating, and welcomes learning exchanges.


A simple Fullpage framework, which currently implements full-screen page-turning with pull-up, scrolling, and anchor-pointing, is still being optimized and updated. Welcome to learn and communicate.



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