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e4e7093 Sep 11, 2017
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A calendar component like iOS style


感谢 xubzhlin 的支持,原始控件来自于FMX-UI-Controls项目,经作者同意由 谢顿 收集整理 原项目地址为:

version history

2017-09-01, v0.1.0.0 :
   first release
   rename component to TFMXCalendarControl
   add properties Align, Anchors, ClipChildren, ClipParent, Cursor
            DragMode, EnableDragHighlight, Enabled, Height, HitTest
            Locked, Padding, Opacity, Margins, PopupMenu, Position
            RotationAngle, RotationCenter, Scale, Size, Visible, Width
   fixed FWeekLayout and FCalenderView stored problem

2017-09-11, v0.2.0.0 :
   add lunar date option