Scaffolding for making HTML5 presentations
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This is my scaffolding for composing presentations on the Reveal.js framework.


First, install dependencies (including Reveal.js):

npm install

Next, install Decktape for pixel-perfect export to PDF.

git clone --depth 1

Decktape uses a custom build of PhantomJS. See Decktape installation for the appropriate platform-specific version, or the following command for OSX.

curl -L -o decktape/bin/phantomjs

Make it executable:

chmod +x decktape/bin/phantomjs


To begin working on a new presentation, this creates a new directory containing a Markdown file and a subdirectory for assets.

./new-dir /path/to/new/dir

Next, run the server command:

./serve /path/to/new/dir

To export to PDF, keep the server running and execute:

./export /path/to/file.pdf