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[School Project] Grade 12, Computer Science Summative. A collaborative 3D multiplayer puzzle game.
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Grade 12 ICS Summative project. Website

How to Play

  • Use WASD to Move
  • Space to Jump
  • F3 Opens Debug
  • Esc Opens Settings
  • F11 Toggles Fullscreen (Affected by Issue #20)

Recomended System Requirements

  • OpenGL 3.2, Java 8
  • Dual Core 2GHz CPU
  • 2GB Of System Memory
  • Dedicated GPU with 512MB of VRAM

Minimum System Requirements

  • OpenGL 1.1, Java 8
  • 1.4GHz CPU
  • 1GB Of System Memory
  • GPU with 256MB of VRAM


Public Server IP:

  • By default the server uses port 9001 (TCP), but it can be changed.

Server Commands

Command Description
tps Check server's tickrate
pingall Send a ping test to all clients
tp Teleport all players to map
reload Dynamically reload map
list List all player ID's and IP's
spectate Set player to spectator mode
stop Stop the server

Map Modeling Specs

Collidable, Rendered Objects

  1. Collider.ID (Collider ID must correspond with Activator ID)
  2. Floor.ID
  3. Wall.ID

Non-collidable, Rendered Objects

  1. Activator.ID
  2. Activator.Exit.STR (Where STR is the next Level's name)

Non-collidable, Non-rendered Objects

  1. Light.TYPE.ID (TYPE is 0 for Shadow Casting, 1 for Non-shadow Casting)
  2. Boundary.ID
  3. Marker.ID (Use Marker.Spawn for Spawn marker

How to build Jar

  1. In Eclipse, Export while playing dependencies in subfolder
  2. Open JarSplice
  3. Add Exported Jars
  4. Add Dependencies from Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  5. Use Main Class 'Fraternize'
  6. Create Jar
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