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This repository houses the source code for my personal website, small ongoing projects, finished school projects, archived/discontinued public projects, and websites written for the various skills competitions that I have attended.

Ongoing Projects:


Based on the same front-end as IdeaShare, Harry::Brain is a pastebin-like service that I use to store any of my random ideas, tutorials that I find useful, and also act's an URL shortener for any links I can't remember. Anything posted as public can be viewed here, but adding new items requires authentication.

Source: /brain


The PiHome project is the front-end for the weather display service that can be used by any embedded system to show the current weather information for Waterloo, Ontario.

Source: /dev/PiHome

Skills Competition:

2019 WorldSkills Practice

WorldSkills 2019 In preperation for the competition at WorldSkills Kazan 2019, Team Canada has given me different tasks to complete, in order to improve my abilites in Web Design and Development.

Star Battle

Star Battle is a side-scrolling shooting game, built on vanilla Javascript. The game features a fully-featured 2D JS game engine, in-game leaderboard, accessibility options, game sounds, and a full tutorial to guide you through the basics.

Source: /projects/skills2019/WorldSkills 2017 Client Side Practice

2018 Skills Competitions

Skills Canada 2018

East Edmonton Mall

Created during the 24th Skills Canada National Competition, the East Edmonton Mall Website is a parody on the West Edmonton Mall website. The site is powered by Wordpress, and has a custom theme built upon BlankSlate, created as a part of the competition.

Source: /projects/skills2018/canada/ModuleA

Snake Game

Also created for the 24th Skills Canada National Competition, Snake is a simple canvas-based JS game that has an in-game leaderboard, and server-side defined obstacle map. A previous version was created prior to competition for practice and featured command-queueing, where the keyboard inputs are processed in a FIFO queue that allowed for more responsive controls.

Source: /projects/skills2018/canada/ModuleB

The Hunton Collection

Created during the 2018 Skills Ontario Competition, The Hunton Collection is a website created for a makeshift company that sells movies online. The site features a AJAX search bar, Admin Panel, and a fully mobile-friendly design.

Source: /projects/skills2018/ontario

Embrace Winter

Created during the 2018 TDSB Regional Skills Competition, Embrace Winter is just a simple HTML site.

Source: /projects/skills2018/tdsb

2017 Skills Competitions

Skills Canada 2017

Winnipeg Railway Museum

Created during the 23rd Skills Canada National Competition, the Winnipeg Railway Museum Website features a ticket purchasing system, Admin Panel and has a mobile-friendly(ish) design.

Source: /projects/skills2017/canada

James Johnson Profolio

Created during the 2017 Skills Ontario Competition, James Johnson is a fictional character that develops software, websites, and writes books. The site features an Admin Panel, that allows the makeshift client to add, edit, and delete his projects without going through code.

Source: /projects/skills2017/ontario

Canada 150

Created during the 2017 TDSB Regional Skills Competition, Canada 150 is a promotional site for Canada's 150 Anniversary year.

Source: /projects/skills2017/tdsb

Archived Projects

Archived Projects

DMCI Robotics Website

The DMCI Robotics Website was created for the Dell Technologies Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge during 2016-2018 to give our school robotics team a greater online presence and compete with teams around the world.

Source: /projects/others/dmcirobotics

Open Access

Project: Open Access was a student-run VPN service that ran throughout the 2017-2018 school year to provide students with a fast, unlimited, and private network to bypass school firewalls, and restrictions.

Source: /projects/others/openaccess


Grade9-Study/Geography was created in 2014 for students around the school to have access to an online textbook as well as a built-in definition lookup table. Grade9-Study/Science was created in 2015 as a second iteration of the Grade9-Study website, and featured a more robust search system using SQL, and a homework display that links to the online textbook pages (so student don't have to flip through the pages).

Source: /projects/others/grade9-study

Industrial Magic

The Industrial Magic 2 Website was the central hub for a community Minecraft Server. The site featured a fully mobile-friendly design and was used to serve our custom Java launcher to players.

Source: /projects/others/industrialmagic

SmK Player

The SmK Player is a music player for one of my favourite EDM artists SmK. The project was made with GameMaker 8 and is bundled with 10 songs, and features a "Play Random" button.

Source: zharry/SMK-Player

The Game

Also created in GameMaker 8, The Game is a two-player PVP/CTF game. Player One uses WASD to move and Space to shoot, while Player Two uses Arrow Keys to move and L to shoot. The primary object of the game is reach the scrolls on the center path and deliever them to the chests in the enclosed area. However, getting hit by an opponent arrow will decrease your health, and colliding with the moving black boxes will reset the player back to spawn.

Source: zharry/TheGame

School Projects

Archived Projects

Grade 12 (2017-2018)


ICS4U1 Summative, made with Java and OpenGL, Fraternize is a 3D multiplayer strategy game based on The goal of the game is to collaborate with other players to open doors for each other. A server can be started by downloading the Full Client and running the server option (though the client can also be launched here).

Source: zharry/Fraternize


Made for ICS4U1's "World Builder" assignment, Absolution Game is a 2D top-down dungeon explorer game. With assets from Open Game Art, the game features a fully functional level editor, with tileable pieces and item pickups. However, due to time limitations, the game itself was not fully completed.

Source: zharry/Absolution-Game

Grade 11 (2016-2017)

Scrabble Game

Made for ICS3U1's "String Game" assignment, Scrabble by Harry is a fully-featured Scrabble implementation (Java) with turn by turn gameplay.

Source: zharry/Scrabble

Alterforce Rising

Source: zharry/AlterforceRising

Grade 9 (2014-2015)

Tower Crane Project

Made with Impress.js, the Tower Crane Project is a fully 3D presentation that puts slides describing how a tower crane works on a 3D model of a Tower Crane.

Source: /projects/grade9/techsummative

Blog of the Flies

Blog of the Flies is a simple mobile-friendly website that simulates how Ralph in hetory "Lord of the Flies" would account his experience in the book.

Source: /projects/grade9/botf

Astronomy Project

Made with Impress.js, the Astronomy Project is a presentation of the life cycle of a star. At the end of the presentation a physics simulator (created by Jacky Liao) is used to demonstrate how different massive objects revolve about each other.

Source: /projects/grade9/astronomyproject

Grade 8 (2013-2014)

Biography Project

The Biography Project is an online "book" that accounts the life of Jessie Qi. The website was created with a commenting system so that the teacher can provide feedback per page and mark without leaving the site.

Source: /projects/grade8/bioproject

Geography Project

Made with Impress.js, the Geography Project is a comparison presentation between Ethiopia and New Zeland, called "Patterns in Human Geography."

Source: /projects/grade8/geoproject

Take a Walk in My Shoes

The take a walk in my shoes project is an "about me" introduction website, that uses the analogy of a shoe to define my personalities.

Source: /projects/grade8/shoesproject

Grade 7 (2012-2013)


The NetCom Technologies Website, made with Wordpress; using a theme from CyberChimps, is a makeshift technology company that sells next-gen futuristic phone.

Source: /projects/grade7/nctech

Planting a Seed of Nationhood

Made with GameMaker 8, Planting the Seed of Nationhood is a quiz game that awarded points for getting a question correct and deducted points for each wrong answer. The game is split into three stages, a 2.5D parallax level, a platformer, and an infinite runner. The goal of the game is to find NPC's and answer their question to gain points. (Use arrow keys to move)

Source: zharry/Planting-a-seed-of-nationhood

Wheel of Number Sense

Also made with GameMaker 8, the Wheel of Number Sense Game is a simple questionnaire wrapped around a "Spin-the-wheel" interface. (Press F1 for instructions)

Source: zharry/Planting-a-seed-of-nationhood


Tour2000 is a makeshift tour company that advertises travel to Salt Lake City, USA and Berkshire England.

Source: /projects/grade7/tour2000

LSD Presentation

The LSD Prsentation is a Powerpoint-like presentation created with GameMaker, with a questionnaire at the end.

Source: zharry/LSD-Health-Assignment

New France History Project

The New France History Project is an interactive map that displays information about the Americas during 1670-1774. (Also made with GameMaker 8)

Source: zharry/New-France-History-Project


Personal Projects Hub and Website. Includes ongoing, archived, school and competition projects.



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