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jump to files, even though you might not remember the full path and / or the full name

vim.org link: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=4980


:AG term [extension]

This requires https://github.com/ggreer/the_silver_searcher installed. opens files that has text match to the search tearm in quick-fix window. There is also a shortcut available: pressing 'ga' with cursor in word to search for occurence of that word. (because I am currently doing golang, so I hooked up this shortcut *.go files, but you can change that with ease in your .vimrc)

:QF filename-fragment

the plugin will try to jump to shallowest match under current directory and it's sub directories. Also, it is possible to provide more details for a deeper match.

let's say we have a/c.txt a/b/c.txt

:QF c will jump to a/c.txt and start editing :QF c b will jump to a/b/c.txt

By Default, QF will search on secondary search path when pwd(.) failed to return any results, and the default secondary search path is ~, this behaviour is governed by global variable g:QF_ASP. Thanks for the excellent idea https://github.com/htfy96

To Change the secondary search path: let g:QF_ASP="your-path" To Disable secondary search: let g:QF_ASP=""

Support ack wrapper as :ACK search-term file-ext e.g.: :ACK TODO go