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use wildcard rule for object files

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zhemao committed Jan 14, 2012
1 parent 362d64d commit d46ba4bac7f2db9f9984c15fe75706dec3afd4f8
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@@ -13,39 +13,24 @@ ds.h: $(HEADERS)
listtest: libds.a listtest.c
gcc $(OPTS) listtest.c $(LDFLAGS) -o listtest
-list.o: list.h list.c
- gcc $(OPTS) -c list.c
-vector.o: vector.h vector.c
- gcc $(OPTS) -c vector.c
vectest: libds.a vectest.c
gcc $(OPTS) vectest.c $(LDFLAGS) -o vectest
-hashmap.o: hashmap.h hashmap.c
- gcc $(OPTS) -c hashmap.c
maptest: libds.a maptest.c
gcc $(OPTS) maptest.c $(LDFLAGS) -o maptest
strutiltest: strutiltest.c libds.a
gcc $(OPTS) strutiltest.c $(LDFLAGS) -o strutiltest
-strutils.o: strutils.h strutils.c
- gcc $(OPTS) -c strutils.c
-heap.o: heap.h heap.c
- gcc $(OPTS) -c heap.c
heaptest: libds.a heaptest.c
gcc $(OPTS) heaptest.c $(LDFLAGS) -o heaptest
-tree.o: tree.h tree.c
- gcc $(OPTS) -c tree.c
treetest: treetest.c libds.a
gcc $(OPTS) treetest.c $(LDFLAGS) -o treetest
+%.o: %.c %.h
+ gcc $(OPTS) -c $<
rm -f *test *.o *.a

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