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Speakeasy: File Storage for the Paranoid

Given recent events such as SOPA, CISPA, the takedown of MegaUpload, it has
become clear that a new method of storing and sharing files online is required,
a method that protects the user from the prying eyes of governments and 

In the end, this can only be achieved by making sure the stored data is 
accessible only to the owner, including the storage service provider. This can 
be done using strong public-key encryption.

Other file lockers such as Dropbox do encrypt user's data, but in the end, they
all use symmetric ciphers and keep a copy of the shared secret, allowing them,
(or anyone who gains access to the key) to decrypt the user's files.

Speakeasy is different in that it uses RSA, a well-known public-key cipher. 
The file is encrypted with a symmetric AES cipher. The AES key is then 
encrypted with the user's RSA public key, and both ciphertext and key are
uploaded to the server. In order to decrypt the file, the AES key must be
decrypted by the user's private key, which only the user has access to, and
the decrypted AES key can then be used to decrypt the file. All transmission
of the file between client and server and all storage on the server are fully
encrypted, ensuring that only the user can ever see the plaintext. 

Speakeasy also allows you to share files with other users on the server by
reencrypting the AES key with the other user's public key. 

Speakeasy is designed for Red Hat's new OpenShift platform and uses MongoDB
with GridFS for storage. 

To use speakeasy, install the command-line client at