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package mapreduce
import (
// What follows are RPC types and methods.
// Field names must start with capital letters, otherwise RPC will break.
// DoTaskArgs holds the arguments that are passed to a worker when a job is
// scheduled on it.
type DoTaskArgs struct {
JobName string
File string // only for map, the input file
Phase jobPhase // are we in mapPhase or reducePhase?
TaskNumber int // this task's index in the current phase
// NumOtherPhase is the total number of tasks in other phase; mappers
// need this to compute the number of output bins, and reducers needs
// this to know how many input files to collect.
NumOtherPhase int
// ShutdownReply is the response to a WorkerShutdown.
// It holds the number of tasks this worker has processed since it was started.
type ShutdownReply struct {
Ntasks int
// RegisterArgs is the argument passed when a worker registers with the master.
type RegisterArgs struct {
Worker string // the worker's UNIX-domain socket name, i.e. its RPC address
// call() sends an RPC to the rpcname handler on server srv
// with arguments args, waits for the reply, and leaves the
// reply in reply. the reply argument should be the address
// of a reply structure.
// call() returns true if the server responded, and false
// if call() was not able to contact the server. in particular,
// reply's contents are valid if and only if call() returned true.
// you should assume that call() will time out and return an
// error after a while if it doesn't get a reply from the server.
// please use call() to send all RPCs, in master.go, mapreduce.go,
// and worker.go. please don't change this function.
func call(srv string, rpcname string,
args interface{}, reply interface{}) bool {
c, errx := rpc.Dial("unix", srv)
if errx != nil {
return false
defer c.Close()
err := c.Call(rpcname, args, reply)
if err == nil {
return true
return false