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The Artistic Visualization Project

All plots are made with R, mainly ggplot2.

Table of Contents:



Something Artistic | 随便画画

Moon | 月

Sky | 天空

Fireworks | 烟火

Strange attractors | 奇异吸引子

Colours | 色

  • Minkowski Distance

    The Minkowski distance defines the distance between two points in a normed vector space.

    $$ X=(x_{1},x_{2},...,x_{n}
    $$ $$ Y=(y_{1},y_{2},...,y_{n})
    $$ $$ D(X,Y)=(\sum_{i=1}^n|x_{i}-y_{i}|^p)^\frac{1}{p} $$

    When p = 1 or 2, the Minkowski distance corresponds to the Manhattan distance or the Euclidean distance, respectively.

    The plot is a collection of Voronoi diagrams, partitioning the space into sub-spaces based on the distance to a set of pre-defined points/seeds.

    The p for Minkowski distance used in each sub-plot is shown below.

    0.1 0.4 0.5
    0.7 The points 1 (Manhattan)
    1.5 2 (Euclidean) 100

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  • Blue and yellow | 蓝与黄


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  • Voronoi

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  • Fifty shades of | 五十度

The Art of Scientific Plotting | 科学作图

Tuberculosis in China | 中国肺结核

Psychoactive/psychedelic drugs | 成瘾药物 | 毒品

Survival | 生存曲线

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