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unwatch filters your starred repos based on last updated date. You can more easily unstar an outdated repo.

Note: This app actually unstar your repos, instead of unwatch. The repo was named before github add the "star" functionality. The repo should be changed to unstar to avoid confusion.

Updates: Due to high demand, unwatch is made available again.


A demo is at If you get an error when accessing the demo, it's likely because unwatch tries to load too many repositories and reaches Heroku's a 30 seconds execution limit. Please try running unwatch locally.



Currently github's interface of your starred repository is not very user-friendly. If you starred a lot of repositories and don't remember what the funny names are about, you have to visit individual repository to find out.

unwatch provides a simple interface to show the descriptions of your starred repositories and filter them based on last updated date.

development setup

  1. It's tested against ruby 2.2.
  2. git clone
  3. Register unwatch at You can name it unwatch-development; the url is a local ip like; callback is;
  4. Copy oauth_example.yml to oauth.yml. Add you development client_id and secret obtained from step 3.
  5. bundle
  6. run test: ruby -Itest test/unwatch.rb
  7. rackup

production setup

  1. Register unwatch at
  2. Set the environment variable ENV['RACK_ENV'] to 'production'.
  3. Set the oauth credentials obtained from step 1 in ENV['client_id'] and ENV['secret'].

heroku deploy

heroku config:set client_id=XXX secret=XXX RACK_ENV=production