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unwatch filters your watched repository based on the date of last push.



Currently the github interface showing your watched repository is not very user friendly. If you are watching a lot of repository and don't remember what the funny names are about, you have to visit the repository to figure out.

unwatch provides a simple interface to show the descriptions of your watched repositories and filter based on a given last push date, so you can more easily unwatch an outdated repository that you follow impulsively.

unwatch is built with Sinatra.

development setup

  1. git clone git://
  2. Register unwatch at You can name it unwatch-development; the url is a local ip like; callback is;
  3. Copy oauth_example.yml to oauth.yml. Add you development client_id and secret obtained from step 2.
  4. run test: ruby -Itest test/unwatch.rb
  5. rackup

production setup

  1. Register unwatch at
  2. Set the environment variable ENV['RACK_ENV'] to 'production'.
  3. Set the oauth credentials obtained from step 1 in ENV['client_id'] and ENV['secret'].
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