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UCL Search Engine

UCL IRDM 2017 Group Project - Option 1

We are using both of the open source IR packages below:

Nutch Crawling

  1. Build nutch with ant.

  2. Create a urls directory under apache-nutch-1.12/runtime/local.

  3. Create seed.txt file under urls and put into the file.

  4. Create new crawldb by executing bin/nutch inject crawl/crawldb urls under the apache-nutch-1.12/runtime/local folder.

  5. Start crawling with our script which is under the nutch_shell folder in the format like ./ <Iterations>.

  6. Dedup nutch by bin/nutch dedup crawl/crawldb.


  1. Generate webgraph by bin/nutch webgraph -webgraphdb crawl/webgraphdb -segment crawl/segments/*.

  2. Execute PageRank by bin/nutch org.apache.nutch.scoring.webgraph.PageRank -webgraphdb crawl/webgraphdb.

  3. Update score in crawldb by bin/nutch scoreupdater -crawldb crawl/crawldb -webgraphdb crawl/webgraphdb.

  4. Put scoring-link into the <value> tag of the property with <name>plugin.includes</name> in apache-nutch-1.12/runtime/local/conf/nutch-site.xml. Or put it in apache-nutch-1.12/conf/nutch-site.xml and rebuild with ant.

  5. Reindex solr.

Integrate Solr with Nutch

  1. Start solr server.

  2. Create a new core ucl with bin/solr create -c ucl.

  3. Modify the schema or ucl by modifying managed-schema.xml and restart server or throuth the solr api. Change type of content to text_general.

  4. Index with nutch by bin/nutch solrindex http://localhost:8983/solr/ucl crawl/crawldb crawl/segments/* -normalize -deleteGone.


IRDM 2017 Group Project - Group 3



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