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This project is for Google AI ML Winter Camp (Jan. 14 - Jan. 18)
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This is ML model trained to detect people's MBTI type based what they write down in their post. There is also a demo that you can put in your daily life setence to detect which type you may be and see which word sells you out.

MBTI dataset

kaggle dataset: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a widely-used personality assessment tool. It has four pairs of preferences:

  • Introversion/Extraversion
  • Intuition/Sensing
  • Feeling/Thinking
  • Perception/Judging

Run Demo

make demo

You need demo_cnn.h5, tokenizer.p to run the demo

Training model

Add your model in models, then run

python -m your_model_name [-e|-s|-c]

You need MBTI.csv, glove.6B.50d.txt to train the demo

Model Infomation

CNN info:

[ 2019-01-17 07:05:59,126][end2end]
Accuracy(Total) on test set(10%) = 0.5362232779097387
Accuracy(One by one) on test set(10%) = 0.813687648456057
[I] precision: 0.544, recall: 0.919, f1: 0.684
[E] precision: 0.970, recall: 0.774, f1: 0.861
[N] precision: 0.509, recall: 0.987, f1: 0.672
[S] precision: 0.998, recall: 0.853, f1: 0.920
[T] precision: 0.890, recall: 0.763, f1: 0.821
[P] precision: 0.767, recall: 0.892, f1: 0.825
[J] precision: 0.808, recall: 0.787, f1: 0.797
[F] precision: 0.673, recall: 0.701, f1: 0.686
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