Bind observables to the lifecycle of Activity or Fragment in a non-invasive way.
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RxLifecyle is a library that can help you to unsubscribe the observable sequences automatically when a activity or fragment is destroying. There are some differences between this library and trello/RxLifecycle:

  • This library will actually unsubscribe the sequence (See here). It means that the downstream observer will not receive onComplete(), onError()... anymore when the unsubscription occurs.

  • This library doesn't require you to inherit any activity or fragment. It will insert a non-gui fragment to your activity or fragment to listen the lifecycle events.

The simplest usage:

Observable.interval(0, 2, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
        // ...

In order to make sure the downstream will not continue to emit items, you need to put the compose(RxLifecycle.bind ..) at the bottom of the chain call. See the example for learning more usages.

To integrate this library to your project, you need to add the JitPack repository to build.gradle repositories firstly.

repositories {
    maven { url "" }

And then add library dependencies:

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.nekocode.rxlifecycle:rxlifecycle:{lastest-version}'
    compile 'com.github.nekocode.rxlifecycle:rxlifecycle-compact:{lastest-version}' // Optional

This project is licensed under Apache 2.0. The lastest version of the library is Release.