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Redmine Mobile is an iPhone/Android client for Redmine, which is a web-based project management and issue tracking tool. Redmine Mobile makes it possible to view, create and edit issues, keep track of activities wherever you take along your phone.

It's available on App Store now.

And it's totally free and open source under MIT license.


  • View, add and edit projects
  • View, add, edit and comment issues
  • Log time spent on issues
  • Add and view subtasks, view issue relations
  • Filter and sort issues by different aspects
  • Use custom queries from your Redmine
  • More features are under development

The app is compatible with Redmine installations from version 1.1 or higher, we recommend version 1.4 or higher. It also supports self-signed SSL certificates and Htaccess protected Redmines.

RedmineApp accesses your Redmine installation by using the official REST API inherent in your Redmine. There is no need to install any plugins. Please make sure that the API is enabled on your server which you can find in: Administration > Settings > Authentication > Enable REST web service

This code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.