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funny resource share via BT

It is a funny bt search engine...hmm , not really funny if you cant find what you want XD...

I hope the tech stack don't scare you, and if you find the protocol documents just hard to read, just read the code or read the inspired ones...




  • magnet link search with the help of DHT collecters.

code structure

  • web

    Web module is built on tornado, and use it to provide seed search at 80 port.

  • bt

    bt download module runs http requests for details of torrents.

  • mdht

    MDHT module is built on twisted, and use it as a fake bittorent client to collect resouces' hashinfo from the dht network.

tech detail

  • FrontEnd

    • JQ
    • requirejs
    • bootstrap
    • less
    • coffeescript
  • BackEnd

    • tornado
    • twisted
    • mondodb
    • redis
    • gevent


  • a deploy howto
  • server
    • don't use root user
    • socket num
    • ulimit
    • and so on
  • recontruct file structures
    • remove unused test dir
  • web UI
    • file list support
  • full text search(maybe sphinx?)
    • chinese search
    • description search
  • security check
    • search input (go check wordpress)
    • xss
  • mem cached
  • routing logs to avoid waste of large files
  • manage
    • backend manage(refer the lixian.xunlei UI)
    • simple warm sys
  • dht protocol
    • routing_table algorithm errors?
  • write test for three module
  • rewrite bt to use gevent
  • community features
    • session support
    • the thrid login
    • comment(anonymous is ok)
    • share(twitter/weibo/google+)
    • IRC chat server demo??

known bugs

dev log

  • 2014.1.6
    • reconstruct the file structure
    • fix some bugs
  • 2013.12.23
    • beta version comes out!!!
  • 2013.12.22
    • add a handy helper to change magnet to bt
    • remove spider support since we have dht crawler now
  • 2013.11.26
    • add firewall support
  • 2013.11.25
    • take it on linode
    • use supervisor to manage process
  • 2013.11.24
    • dht protocol, make the collecter work
  • 2013.11.14
    • tornado async request how-to
    • mongodb async request how-to
  • 2013.11.11
    • reconstruct model layers to hold data within the life of application
    • make a connection pool
    • redesing the seed table
      • page id
      • data transfer
    • add error handling, a weak type
  • 2013.11.9-2013.11.10
    • add model layer
    • fix page error bug
  • 2013.11.1
    • reconstruct the code and remove the gruntJS support to make it easy to build
  • 2013.10.31 integrate the mdht
  • 2013.09.08 get time to dev my spider
  • 2013.4.17 make it happen

inspired by

  • xiaoxia

    he has made a search engine, based on dht, but no open sources.

  • gsko/mdht

    i build my mdht based on his implementation.

  • kevinlynx/dhtcrawler

    thanks to kevinlynx,his dhtcrwaler code really helps me to make understand what those f**king documents was saying.

  • daydayfree/diggit

    i try to simulate the code structure from daydayfree's code, specially how to add the model layer and db layer to tornado.

  • 3n1b-com/

    i learned how to make my handlers live longer in the app life cycle and more.

  • lvyaojia/crawler

    i use the code to implement the crawler module and change it to suit my need. May rewrite it to gevent by my own.


a spider which can grab some interesting things =)



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