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A universal naming system for all IPv6-based mesh networks, including CJDNS and Yggdrasil. Implements the Meshname protocol.


  • Q: Is it like a decentralized DNS thing?

  • A: Yeah, sort of. With it you can host your own meshname domains and resolve domains of others.

  • Q: Meshname domains are ugly.

  • A: Yes, if you want decentralization, you either have ugly names or a blockchain. Meshname has ugly names, but it works at least!

How to use meshname domains?

Use a full-featured DNS server with the meshname protocol support, i.e. PopuraDNS.

For a standalone .meshname stub resolver see

Alternative implementations

Mario DNS by acetone, a C++ implementation with a web interface.

Ruby gem by marek22k, source.

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