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Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding
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Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding: Methods and Implements.

Paper Conference Code
HAHE: Hierarchical Attentive Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding Arxiv 2019 Pytorch
Heterogeneous Graph Attention Network WWW 2019 Tensorflow
Adversarial Learning on Heterogeneous Information Networks KDD 2019 TensorFlow
Easing Embedding Learning by Comprehensive Transcription of Heterogeneous Information Networks Yu KDD 2018 Pytorch
Did You Enjoy the Ride: Understanding Passenger Experience via Heterogeneous Network Embedding ICDE 2018 Pytorch
AMPE:Attention Based Meta Path Fusion for Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding PRICAI 2018
HERec: Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding for Recommendation TKDE 2018 python
metagraph2vec PAKDD 2018 Java
BiNE: Bipartite Network Embedding SIGIR 2018 python
HIN2Vec CIKM 2017 python
ASPEM: Embedding Learning by Aspects in Heterogeneous Information Networks SIAM 2018 C++
HEER:Heterogeneous Graph Embedding for Emerging Relation Detection from News KDD 2018 PyTorch
SHINE: Signed Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding for Sentiment Link Prediction WSDM 2018
DRL:Curriculum Learning for Heterogeneous Star Network Embedding via Deep Reinforcement Learning WSDM 2018 Pytorch
D2AGE: Distance-aware DAG Embedding for Proximity Search on Heterogeneous Graphs AAAI 2018 Theano
SPE: Subgraph-augmented Path Embedding for Semantic User Search on Heterogeneous Social Network WWW 2018 Theano
IPE KDD 2018
HINE: Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding for Meta Path based Proximity Arxiv 2017
metapath2vec KDD 2017 Tensorflow
ESim: Meta-Path Guided Embedding for Similarity Search in Large-Scale Heterogeneous Information Networks Arxiv 2017 Ubuntu Tool
BL-MNE: Emerging Heterogeneous Social Network Embedding through Broad Learning with Aligned Autoencoder ICDM 2017 Tensorflow
Task-Guided and Path-Augmented Heterogeneous Network Embedding for Author Identification WSDM 2017 C++
ProxEmbed: Semantic Proximity Search on Heterogeneous Graph by Proximity Embedding AAAI 2017 Theano
Heterogeneous Information Network Embedding for Meta Path based Proximity Arxiv 2017
HeBe:Large-Scale Embedding Learning in Heterogeneous Event Data ICDM 2016 C
HNE: Heterogeneous Network Embedding via Deep Architectures KDD 2015
PTE: Predictive Text Embedding through Large-scale Heterogeneous Text Networks KDD 2015 C++
Learning Latent Representations of Nodes for Classifying in Heterogeneous Social Networks WSDM 2014


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