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in silico Whole Genome Sequencer and Analyzer
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iWGS - in silico Whole Genome Sequencer and Analyzer

iWGS is an automated pipeline for guiding the choice of appropriate sequencing strategy and assembly protocols. iWGS seamlessly integrates the four key steps of a de novo genome sequencing project: data generation (through simulation), data quality control, de novo assembly, and assembly evaluation and validation. The last three steps can also be applied to the analysis of real data. iWGS is designed to enable the user to have great flexibility in testing the range of experimental designs available for genome sequencing projects, and supports all major sequencing technologies and popular assembly tools.

For list of supported third-party tools, usage instructions, and more information, see the manual

For questions or suggestions, please contact xiaofan.zhou -at-

For other bioinformatics tools developed at the Rokas lab, please visit

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