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PacKaGe COMPanion of LaTeX
TeX Lua
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.gitignore cleanup lua code
FontBook.lua update otfs_ to otfsetup_
FontMicro.lua clean up lua code
Makefile update to 4.0 add README
bigbracket.dtx update captions
exmathalpha.dtx update captions
exmathsym.dtx update captions
mclass.dtx Follow L3 conventions
mltxdoc.dtx update doc
mpdfbook.dtx update doc
mtikzfig.dtx tabular figures
otfsetup.dtx shorten macro names
otfswitch.dtx update otfs_ to otfsetup_
pkgcomp.dtx update to 4.0
pkgcomp.ins update to 4.0
pkgcomp.tex update to 4.0
useabbr.dtx update otfs_ to otfsetup_

This is a collection of packages and classes I frequently used when I write in LaTeX.

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