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vSMC: Scalable Monte Carlo
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To install the library just move the include folder into a proper place, e.g. /usr/local/include in Unix-alike systems. Alternatively, one can use CMake (2.8 or later required),

cd /path_to_vSMC_source
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install


To make the documentations one need Doxygen 1.8.1 or later.

make docs

The documentation can also be found here.



This library has two mandatory requirements other than standard libraries: the Eigen linear algebra library and Random123 parallel random number library. Both of them are very portable.

In addition, the library use the <functional>, <random> and <type_traits> headers, which are parts of the C++11 standard libraries or can be found in Boost. By default the library will use the Boost library. But if the C++ implementation has them correctly implemented, the standard headers can also be used.

Note that this library is only tested with Boost 1.49 or later. Also not all C++11 (or C++0x) implementations of <functional>, <random> and <type_traits> work properly.

Building and testing

To build test examples,

make buildtests

To run the tests,

make test



Note that CMake generated Makefile does not build test executables before run ctest in the test target, so you need run make buildtests before make test or ctest.

make buildtests will also build the examples, one is a simple particle filter, in test/pf, the others are a Gaussian mixture model and Positron Emission Tomography compartmental model with SMC, in test/gmm and test/pet respectively. The examples may take some non-trivial run-time, therefore they are not run when invoking make test or ctest. To run the example, one can invoke ctest -C Release. Alternatively, one can use

make check

to build all tests and examples, and run all of them.

Without CMake one can go to the test directory and build the examples manually. For example,

cd test/pf
g++ -std=c++0x -O3 \
  -I /path_to_v_smc_headers \
  -I /path_to_eigen_headers \
  -I /path_to_random123_headers \
  -I /path_to_tbb_headers -L /path_to_tbb_libraries -ltbb \
  -o pf_tbb pf_tbb.cpp

There are some other more complex realistic examples and other configurations for the simple particle filter. They may require additional optional libraries.

Tested compilers

The library itself only use standard C++98 features and is fairly portable. For compiler support of Eigen and Random123 see their pages respectively. In C++11 mode, the usability of <functional>, <random> and <type_traits> headers distributed with various implementations differs significantly. However Boost can be used as a replacement and which is well known for portability.

  • Linux

    • GCC 4.4, 4.5, 4.6,
    • Intel icpc 12.0, 12.1
    • Clang 2.8, 2.9, 3.0, 3.1, SVN
  • Mac OS X

    • Clang 3.1
    • Intel icpc 12.1
  • Windows

    • MSVC 2010


The vSMC library is distributed with a two-clauses BSD license which can be found in the COPYING file distributed with the source.

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