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@@ -153,13 +153,15 @@ configurations:
- Mojito checks if a base context was specified (statically) on the command line with
the ``--context`` option.
- - Mojito receives an HTTP request and looks for a request context in
+ - When Mojito receives an HTTP request, it looks for a request context in
the query string, HTTP headers, or through the execution of a child mojit with configuration
- Mojito merges the base context (if any) with the request context (if any). For example,
if the base context is ``"environment:develop``" and the request context found in the query string
- is ``"?lang=de"``, then the compound request context in the ``setting`` array in
- configuration files would be ``["environment:development", "lang:de"]``.
+ is ``"?lang=de"``, then the compound context in the ``setting`` array in
+ configuration files would be ``["environment:development", "lang:de"]``. Mojito will
+ use the most qualified context possible. If the appropriate compound context does not exist,
+ Mojito uses the request context over the base context.
- If no base or request context is found, Mojito then uses the default context ``master``.
#. **Resolves Context Configurations**

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