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SKS Key Server


This is SKS Key Server unofficial Dockerfile. It's built against latest code from upstream.


This container has a volume which is /var/lib/sks inside. Please mount it for persistent storage.

Assume you created a local dir named /srv/docker/sks to store the data. Please download a copy of key dump and put it in /srv/docker/sks/dump.

One Time Setup

You should init your working dir /srv/docker/sks first:

docker run --rm -v /srv/docker/sks/:/var/lib/sks/ zhusj/sks sks-init

The command above will init the working directory for SKS.

Please read the sks-init script to check what it does. If you have a key dump directory, this script will import them. Otherwise it will build an empty database. It will also copy some sample configuration files if you don't have them in /srv/docker/sks. You can modify these configurations later.


After initialized the working dir, you can start the container with:

docker run -it -d --restart=always --name sks-keyserver \
  -v /srv/docker/sks/:/var/lib/sks/ \
  -p -p zhusj/sks

Besides you should setup a reverse proxy server for And you should update the membership file in /srv/docker/sks/membership to start peering.

Read more at SKS Wiki.

Full version

zhusj/sks:full bundles Caddy. So you don't need to setup reverse proxy server now. Besides Caddy can automatically enable HTTPS.

You can just use host network to run this version,

docker run -it -d --restart=always --name sks-keyserver \
  -v /srv/docker/sks/:/var/lib/sks/ \
  --network=host zhusj/sks:full

This version exposes hkp(80,11371), hkps(443) and recon(11370) ports.

You need to edit /srv/docker/sks/caddy/Caddyfile to set your hostname and email.


The full version is used for running https://pgp.ustc.edu.cn