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A config library for clojure program.

  • 2012-4-17 Release 0.1.1


  1. add to dependencies section of porject.clj

     [easyconf "0.1.1"]
  2. Define variables that can be configured at runtime under easyconf.core namespace, using macros defconf or defnconf. These two macro just like def and defn.

     (defconf ^{:validator string? :validator-msg "configure value must be
        string" :conf-name "conf-string" } conf-item "default value"}
     (defnconf game-name [game] (str "game name : " game))
  3. Optional meta-data Meta :validator :validator-msg :conf-name are optional.

    • :validator => A predict function which has one argument for the value of the item.
    • :validator-msg => The message which will print when an illegal value provided for the item.
    • :conf-name => ??
  4. In config file, you can redefine the value of configuable item.

     (config :conf-string "changed config value")
     (config-once :conf-string "changed config value")
     ;;the code below will trigger a exception
     (config-once :conf-string "change config value twice")  


Supply all the config value in a seperated namespace.

  (ns config.autoload
   (:use [easyconf.core]))

  (config-once :conf-1 "conf-1")
  (config-once :conf-two "conf-two")
  (config-once :game-name (fn [id] (get {"ddz" "doudizhu"} id)))


Function easyconf.confs/check checks if all the config value be used. You should invoke this function after the bootstrap of the program.