Form CRUD with Batman.js and Rails 3.2
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Batman Rails Demo

Using Batman.js, evaluate the following:

  • Simple form CRUD
  • Routing of resources - nested, with nav, pagination
  • Associations - has_many, belongs_to
  • Rails idiom and integration - shouldn't be an impedance mismatch
  • Data binding - views change automatically when data does
  • View Composition - weak, strong...just get it done
  • No Framework Poison Pills - that would be bugs and things that would jeopardize a production app
  • HAML/Coffeescript Friendly

Implementation Notes:

  • Serialization of JSON is done via Active_Model_Serializers. Currently requires a "scope" (that is, current_user-like object), hence the anemic user inclusion.
  • Rails 3-style Responders don't play well with Batman validation (usually doesn't matter since you would have client side validators too), note the server-side controller implementation. Pagination also needed some changes in the controller.
  • Packaging of views for prod as per Rigel Group


  • Batman makes a strong bid for "Client-side Rails" in my book. It was very easy to use, no rabbit holes, easy to debug, MVC that a Rails developer would recognize.
  • Delivered all the requirements above.