A system to find what what times during the week you play the most.
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Where should I put my credentials?

  • Put your mongolabs credentials as DB_CONNECT=XXXX in a file named .env
    • Put this file both in the root of both the backend dir and the frontend dir
  • Place your raw riotkey in a file named .riotkey
    • Put this file in the root of the backend directory

D3 - Inspirations

Calendar viewing

Calendar View

  • How many games played each day
  • When clicked on, it will act similar to github, and will show win/loss for that day and ip gain ect

Day/Hour View

  • Over time, it will make the times when you play league based on day of week and hour on that day

Interactable pie charts


  • First level can be game type, then roles played, then champs and etc


Zoomable Sunburst

Charts for comparisons

Chart lol

  • chart comparisons of different summoners and data about them like gold per minute and etc

Maybe Use

Show Reel

Radial Progress Wheels