A Simplified Chinese Language pack for CumulusClips version 2.0.3
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This Non-official repository is a Simplified Chinese Language pack for CumulusClips version 2.0.3.

Go to official website http://cumulusclips.org to have latest official version of CumulusClips.


CumulusClips is a Free Video CMS, making it much easier to share videos with the world. Because there is no Chinese language pack provided on the official website Addons, I translated the default English language pack to share with you all.


The Simplified Chinese language pack allows an instance of CumulusClips to be translated into Simplified Chinese. You can set Simplified Chinese as the default language for your video sharing script or offer it as an additional language to your users.

  1. Download the Simplified-Chinese.xml and save it to your computer
  2. Upload the xml file to your languages folder (/cc-content/languages/),chown and chmod this file the same like english.xml on your server just in case.
  3. Go to the languages section of the admin panel and click ‘Activate’

If there are any translation errors, please let me know.