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To provide a site/app/service that can provide the following:

  1. Documentation on the following:
    1. EC2 responses from openstack (and how to request them)
    2. Expected EC2 responses from EC2 (or via proxy via a mock server)
  2. An implementation that can return mock EC2 results
    1. i.e. by implementing a simple server that holds a in-memory set of images/instances and can accept/return valid responses and statuses as well as have the ability to create faults on demand (ie by a special URI paramter)
    2. A.k.a. a EC2 server (valid for a given EC2 api/wsdl/xsd version/date) without needing EC2...
  3. A framework which can be used by QA to verify the compatability level in an automated fashion by running a given set of profiles (ie a profile could be a request for an instance followed by a describe instance followed by a terminate instance) against the expected output for a given profile (where the expected output is created using the mock EC2 server)
  4. Improved openstack EC2 support by continuously increasing the previous compatability level
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