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Not able to start a new conv from Firefox OS /app #103

ioana-chiorean opened this Issue · 10 comments

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There is no button/action available to start a new conv.
Contacts are not available


You have to go to Contacts, click on the contact and then on Send message.


@ioana-chiorean What version are you using? If you are using the app that was published on the marketplace, it's completely outdated and was taken down because it wasn't published by the author.

Get the latest code or use it directly from


@nukeador I have the one here: ttp:// and I saw it is pretty much the same with this one.

@Haktrum - there is no Contacts - that is why I was not able to write.




@ioana-chiorean That's not the latest webogram version.


@nukeador Completely outdated for a whole week ? What changed in 0.18 ?
It wasn't taken down, I unlisted it.


@hheexx contacts modal was introduced in 0.0.16. Current version is 0.0.18


@ioana-chiorean sorry, but FFOS web app is not currently supported by this GitHub project. You can try to use, it should somehow work with contacts modal and some other newer features implemented.
I hope, we'll publish the app to FFOS Marketplace in several weeks.


@zhukov And packed app is .17



@zhukov Are you working on fixing FFOS1.1 bug, is there issue opened here (can't find it), and do you need help?


@hheexx not yet.. but I've got the phone, so I'll try to do it by myself. I'll ping you if any help needed, ok?

@zhukov zhukov closed this
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