ID-discriminative Embedding (IDE) for Person Re-identification
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Code for IDE baseline on Market-1501

============= This code was used for experiments with ID-discriminative Embedding (IDE) for Market-1501 dataset.

Thanks Liboyue, give us suggestions for improvement.

If you find this code useful in your research, please consider citing:

title={Person Re-identification: Past, Present and Future},
author={Zheng, Liang and Yang, Yi and Hauptmann, Alexander G},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.02984},

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Requirements: Caffe

Requirements for Caffe and matcaffe (see: Caffe installation instructions)


  1. Clone the IDE repository
# Make sure to clone with --recursive
git clone --recursive
  1. Build Caffe and matcaffe

    cd $IDE_ROOT/caffe
    # Now follow the Caffe installation instructions here:
    make -j8 && make matcaffe
  2. Download pre-computed models and Market-1501 dataset

Please download the pre-trained imagenet models and put it in the "data/imagenet_models" folder.
Please download Market-1501 dataset and unzip it in the "market_evaluation/dataset" folder. 

Training and testing IDE model

  1. Training
 # train IDE on CaffeNet
# train IDE ResNet_50
# The IDE models are saved under: "out/market_train"
# If you encounter this problem: bash: ./experiments/market/ Permission denied
# Please execute: chmod 777 -R experiments/
  1. Feature Extraction
cd $IDE_ROOT/market_evaluation
Run Matlab: extract_feature.m
# The IDE features are saved under: "market_evaluation/feat"
  1. Evaluation
  Run Matlab: baseline_evaluation_IDE.m


You can download our pre-trained IDE models and IDE features, and put them in the "out_put/market_train" and "market_evaluation/feat" folder, respectively.

Using the models and features above, you can reproduce the results as follows:

Methods   Rank@1 mAP
IDE_CaffeNet + Euclidean 59.53% 32.85%
IDE_CaffeNet + XQDA       62.00% 37.55%
IDE_CaffeNet + KISSME 61.02% 36.72%
IDE_ResNet_50 + Euclidean 75.62% 50.68%
IDE_ResNet_50 + XQDA 76.01% 52.98%
IDE_ResNet_50 + KISSME 77.52% 53.88%

If you add a dropout = 0.5 layer after pool5, you will get a better performance for ResNet_50:

Methods   Rank@1 mAP
IDE_ResNet_50 + dropout(0.5) + Euclidean 78.92% 55.03%
IDE_ResNet_50 + dropout(0.5) + XQDA 77.35% 56.01%
IDE_ResNet_50 + dropout(0.5) + KISSME 78.80% 56.13%

Contact us

If you have any questions about this code, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Zhun Zhong

Liang Zheng

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