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Contributing to Markdown Writer

Thanks for taking the time to contribute!

The following is a set of guidelines for contributing to Markdown Writer.

Submitting Issues

  • Include the version of Atom and the Operating System you are using.
  • Include reproducing steps, screenshots or animated GIFs whenever possible; they are immensely helpful.
  • Include the behavior you expected and other places you've seen that behavior such as Vim, Sublime Text, Emacs, Xcode, etc.
  • Check the dev tools (alt-cmd-i) for errors to include. If the dev tools are open before the error is triggered, a full stack trace for the error will be logged. If you can reproduce the error, use this approach to get the full stack trace and include it in the issue.

Pull Requests

Issues and features are recorded in Issues. If your issues or wanted features are not listed, feel free to raise them for discussions.


  • Issues are tagged with bug. Issues always higher priority to solve.
  • Features are tagged with enhancement.

Milestones are used to group tasks that trying to be solved, based on preceived importance/difficulties.

Submit Changes

  • Fork to your GitHub repository.
  • Clone the repo to your local computer.
  • In command line, navigate to your cloned repository directory.
  • In command line, run apm link --dev to register this package to Atom.
  • In command line, run atom --dev . to open Atom in development mode with this package loaded.
  • In Atom editor, run command Update Package Dependencies: Update to install all package dependencies.

Submit a new Pull Request

  • Start a new branch git checkout -b branch-name.
  • Run atom --dev . and make changes.
  • Perform manual tests, use command Window: Reload to load your latest changes.
  • Commit your changes, with a few unit tests whenever possible.
  • Push your branch git push -u origin branch-name to GitHub.
  • Submit a Pull Request through GitHub with a clear description on what's the change about.


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