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added an "nagp" issue found by EspadaV8 on the #gitolite channel

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@@ -41,6 +41,21 @@ Surprised? It is so common that it has [its own document][auth] to tell
you why it is *not* a gitolite problem, while [another one][sts] tries to
help you anyway!
+## PATH issues
+This is actually related to ssh. When you run commands over ssh, they run
+*non*-interactively, and depend on what your shell is, etc., certain shell
+startup files are not executed, so some environment variables may be different
+than what you see when you log in interactively.
+Example: Redmine/Chiliproject using RVM and redmine git hosting can't run
+post-receive hook.
+[This]( has
+more info on this specific issue.
+It is also useful to remember that *gitolite does not fiddle with the PATH
+except for adding the `GIT_PATH` variable if you defined it*.
## git
* first push to a new repo

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