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Texture packs

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BlockLauncher 1.9.4 and above have enhanced texture pack support.

Extended Descriptions

At top level:

  • pack.png: a (small) PNG file displayed as the icon for your texture pack in the selection screen (like Desktop Edition texture packs)

  • pack.mcmeta: holds the description for the texture pack. Format similar to Desktop Edition. Sample:

  "pack": {
    "pack_format": 1,
    "description": "Swag Overload texture pack by 500ISE"

Texture Atlas editing

Any PNG icons stored in the folder images/items-opaque/ will be added to the items-opaque.tga file and the items.meta file when the texture pack is loaded while PNG icons in images/terrain-atlas/ will be added to the terrain-atlas.tga and terrain.meta.

The icons must be named in this pattern:


For example, to change the texture for the oak log without editing the terrain atlas manually, first, find the name and index of the texture in the list of textures. In this case, the name is log and the index is 0.

Now, create a texture pack with the desired texture stored as


You can also add new textures in this way: these textures can then be used in ModPE's ModPE.setItem and Block.defineBlock methods.

A sample texture pack that overrides the oak trunk texture and adds two new textures can be downloaded here:

Note that the atlas editing support will also work with addons - for addons, put the images in assets/images/terrain-atlas/ or assets/images/items-opaque/

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