A simple view for building card like interface inspired by Tinder and Potluck.
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A simple view for building card like interface like Tinder and Potluck. ZLSwipeableView was originally developed for Murmur.

Notice: The Objective-C version of ZLSwipeableView is no longer actively maintained.

Please checkout the swift version: https://github.com/zhxnlai/ZLSwipeableViewSwift


###Swipe swipe ###Swipe Cancel cancel ###Swipe Programmatically swipeLeft ###Swipe Programmatically II swipeLeftRight


You can install ZLSwipeableView through CocoaPods adding the following to your Podfile:

pod 'ZLSwipeableView'


Check out the demo app for an example.

ZLSwipeableView can be added to storyboard or instantiated programmatically:

ZLSwipeableView *swipeableView = [[ZLSwipeableView alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.frame];
[self.view addSubview:swipeableView];

A ZLSwipeableView must have an object that implements ZLSwipeableViewDataSource to act as a data source. ZLSwipeableView will prefetch three views in advance to animate them.

// required data source
self.swipeableView.dataSource = self;

#pragma mark - ZLSwipeableViewDataSource
- (UIView *)nextViewForSwipeableView:(ZLSwipeableView *)swipeableView {
  return [[UIView alloc] init];

The demo app includes examples of both creating views programmatically and loading views from Xib files that use Auto Layout.

A ZLSwipeableView can have an optional delegate to receive callback.

// optional delegate
self.swipeableView.delegate = self;

#pragma mark - ZLSwipeableViewDelegate
- (void)swipeableView:(ZLSwipeableView *)swipeableView
         didSwipeView:(UIView *)view
          inDirection:(ZLSwipeableViewDirection)direction {
    NSLog(@"did swipe in direction: %zd", direction);
- (void)swipeableView:(ZLSwipeableView *)swipeableView didCancelSwipe:(UIView *)view {
  NSLog(@"did cancel swipe");
- (void)swipeableView:(ZLSwipeableView *)swipeableView didStartSwipingView:(UIView *)view atLocation:(CGPoint)location {
    NSLog(@"did start swiping at location: x %f, y%f", location.x, location.y);
- (void)swipeableView:(ZLSwipeableView *)swipeableView swipingView:(UIView *)view atLocation:(CGPoint)location  translation:(CGPoint)translation {
	NSLog(@"swiping at location: x %f, y %f, translation: x %f, y %f", location.x, location.y, translation.x, translation.y);
- (void)swipeableView:(ZLSwipeableView *)swipeableView didEndSwipingView:(UIView *)view atLocation:(CGPoint)location {
    NSLog(@"did start swiping at location: x %f, y%f", location.x, location.y);

To swipe the top view programmatically:

[self.swipeableView swipeTopViewToLeft];
[self.swipeableView swipeTopViewToRight];

To discard all views and reload programmatically:

[self.swipeableView discardAllViews];
[self.swipeableView loadViewsIfNeeded];


  • iOS 7 or higher.
  • Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).


  • Thanks iamphill for adding new delegates.
  • Thanks mdznr for making the code style consistent.
  • Thanks coryalder for making dataSource and delegate IBOutlets.


ZLSwipeableView is available under MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.