Dart HTTP webserver, providing server side session and routing and static file serving.
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CrimsonHttp server for Dart

Currently uses the chat sample http server, but will be ported to the dart:io http server once that is released

Loosely inspired upon sencha/connect for node.js

Makes use of log4dart, found here: https://github.com/Qalqo/log4dart (It expects to find log4dart in ../log4dart (ie, at the same level as crimson, not within the crimson folder structure).

Usage: See test/crimsonTest.dart for example, but it goes something like this...

main() {
  CrimsonHttpServer server = new CrimsonHttpServer();

  CrimsonModule sampleModule = new CrimsonModule(server);

                .addEndpoint(new Favicon("./favicon.ico"))               // match the favicon request
                .addFilter(new CookieSession())                          // adds session support
                .addEndpoint(new Route("/hello","GET",(req,res,data) {   // execute arbitary code that matches a route
                  new Route.withMatcher((req) => req.path.endsWith("someString"),  // matcher function returns bool
                   "customMatcherName",                                            // matcher name for logging
                   (req,res,data) => res.outputStream.write("Hello");              // execute on match
                .addEndpoint(new StaticFile("./public"));                // serve static files

  server.modules["*"] = sampleModule;  // this is the default module.

  server.listen("", 8082); // start listening



  • Lots, especially tidy up CookieSession and StaticFile, and add Route.
  • Please treat all of this as pre-alpha.
  • It's not secure in the slightest, and the StaticFile handler alone will probably allow users to browse your pc!


  • CookieSession: sets a sessioncookie - just ported at the moment and not yet tested. Treat as pre-alpha.


  • Favicon: Serves a favicon from either the default ./favicon.ico or ./public/favicon.ico, or some specified location.
  • StaticFile: serves static files from the path provided in the constructor. Simply appends the request.uri onto whatever path you provide in, and tries to load it. Very insecure.
  • Route: executes a dart method in resposne to matching a path + method, or a matching function