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Embedded Dart Templates
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Embedded Dart Templates


  • Template compilation to dart code.
  • Unbuffered code for conditions and loops {{ ..code.. }}
  • Html escaped expressions with {{= ..expression.. }}
  • Unescaped expressions with {{- ..expression.. }}
  • Static includes support with {{> relative_path }} where path is relative from a base template
  • More advanced layout system support (details here)


Include content {{=data["third"]}} {{-data["forth"]}}

Where data is a special variable (which is Map) that you pass into EDTemplate#render(Map data, OutputStream out) method


  • This library is designed to work with server environment.
  • Tested for windows platform.
  • Currently templates should be UTF-8 encoded.

Compiler options

  • --out=dir_path - path to an output directory => for example ../test
  • --file=file_path - path to the template file => for example ../test/example.edt
  • --src=dir_path - path to an source directory where lookup for template files => for example ../src Be aware that currently we do not support absolute paths as the compiler parameter. All path should be relative to a worker directory.

An example of the syntax could be found in the test folder.

I also have recently released to a public a real life website example

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